See Ya Later Dick!

Tonight is the last time I get to pee standing up 

Good riddance.

The emotions I’ve been processing over the last few weeks could power a small city for a year…and 99% of it is uncontrollable elation! I cannot believe that the time is NOW!!

I’ve already started my fast….except for a huge container of this putrid shit I have to drink called Golytely…….which apparently cleanses my insides. They tell me this is common surgical procedure….I just think it’s their way of getting you used to the pain….holy shit is this stuff terrible 😝

My friend Abigail is doing a sound healing session on me tonight to ease my mind and relax my body….which I will definitely need!!! Rachel is coming over to my place after that and spending the night with me. We wake up at 4am so we can be at the Mount Sinai hospital on 16th street and 1st ave @ 6am on Wednesday morning….surgery is at 8:30am!!!

Apparently the surgery takes between 4 and 5 hours, after which they’ll toss me into some sort of recovery ward that is brimming over with scantily clad Chippendale men feeding me sweets, fanning me with an imported breeze from Miami and whispering little secrets into my ears.

When I’m done there, they’ll assign me to a room and I’ll be able to see visitors!!! Please come by and visit, I would love to see you! I’ll be posting my room number as soon as I know it. If you want to bring me something…I love strawberries, raspberries, kiwis, peaches, pineapple, bacon, chocolates and edibles….and I’ll have my first orgasm if you bring me a spicy, bacon, chocolate edible 😃 I also just found out I get a private room….so if anyone wants to bring in their decks and spin for awhile….I don’t think we’ll need anything bigger than a 4 point KV2….right?  😂

I check out of the hospital on Saturday!! I’ll be staying with my mom in a little 2 bedroom airbnb for a few weeks because I can’t walk up the stairs to my apartment….for awhile. I am SO happy she is coming to see me and take care of me as I go through this! So if you missed me at the hospital, you can come visit me in Bushwick and you’ll get to meet my mom too!

Lots of love and thank you so much for all your support!! MWWwwwwaaaaaaaaaa!!

me and mom cheers

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