Vagina Update – I Now Have One!


I’m sooooo much more aerodynamic now! Reduced drag by 1000%! I’m sleek and smiling from ear to ear in between jabs of pain, sips of apple juice and Rachel spoon feeding me an unbelievable meal (the food is great here!)

Holy hand-mirror….I can’t stop looking at it!! It’s all taped up and has all these tubes and things coming out so I can’t actually SEE it until next week when they un-bandage me…..but wow….just wow! 😍

All my insides feel like my apartment after I move the furniture around….and my belly is so bloated that I float up to the ceiling every now and again…and every little squeak of a fart is like winning the lottery. They took my IV out and I’m starting to move around on my bed a bit. And in about an hour they’re going to get me out of bed to take 10 steps to the door and back…mixed feelings on this 😬

Fighting the pain one delicious raspberry at a time. They gave me eggs and hash browns and turkey bacon for breakfast with some side coffee….I’m a really happy girl 😊

AFTERS AT MORGAN’S HOTEL ROOM!! …errr…uhhh…I mean Hospital room, So dig this folks, they gave me my own private suite and I can have visitors 24 hours a day…who’s bringing their decks? #kiddingnotkidding

Not sure what my pass-out schedule is…just come on by whenever and wake me up 😊

I’m at Mt Sinai / Beth Israel Hospital at 1st and 16th. Enter at at the emergency entrance on 16th street between 1st and 2nd, come up to the 3rd floor to 3 Dazian, room 2. Checking out on Saturday.

Lots of love and kisses,
Miss Morgan


morgan right after surgery

About 3 hours immediately after surgery. You can still see the imprint from the air mask they had over my face.

morgan in hospital with raspberry

My favorite thing to eat was raspberries and any other kind of berry I could get my hands on!

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