Vagina Update – The First Few Days

Have had a few very difficult but successful days here at the first airbnb. It’s awesome to have my mom around all the time and to completely give into her loving care. I forgot what an awesome chef she is too!

I’m waddling around a few times a day now….feeling quite good! I’m actually starting to get feeling in parts of my new vagina…which trips me out the same way a newborn reacts to feeling fresh cut grass on her bare-feet.

All these sensations are super new and very welcome!! My vagina is starting to wake up!!

We go in to my surgeons office to get all the packaging and catheter and suction vac come taken off. They’ll clean me up and then give me my first lesson on how to dilate….5 times a day…20 min each time….and I reduce to about half that much every 3 months. Eventually I’ll get down to a few times a week after a year or so and it will be that way for the rest of my life. Sex does count as a session…so…I got that going for me…

mom cooking us breakfast

My Mom cooking us breakfast at our 1st AirBnB in Brooklyn

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