Vagina Update – The Big Reveal & Learning To Dilate

The big reveal yesterday went very smoothly, albeit a bit awkward and painful. When they took off the bandages and gave me the hand mirror, all I could do was gasp and cry tears of long awaited joy!! My new vulva is a sight to behold and is absolutely beautiful! Granted….it’s pretty swollen and inflamed….and I have little to no feeling throughout it….but I can tell right away that we’re going to get along like peas in a pod 🙂

They showed me how to dilate….which….contrary to the thoughts running through every boy’s head right now….is NOT that exciting or fun. It’s about as boring as watching paint dry and about as fun as an empty piñata. None the less, I’ll keep you up to speed…there are 4 sizes, I’m on the purple one, which is the smallest of the 4. They have little white dots on them and I insert up to the last dot….which means I have really great depth! If I don’t dilate, I will lose that depth and it will start to seal up….so…it’s important. Eventually I’ll graduate to the next level, we’ll eat some cake, shoot off a few bottles of champagne and then ratchet up!

In lesser news, although also notable and important….I peed for the first time without a catheter! Now THAT is a strange and awesome feeling! I don’t have a nice stream yet, it’s more like a babbling brook that wells up and might be able to gently lull me to sleep if it weren’t for the gargantuan effort required to hold myself on the toilet 😂

I also think I figured out the reason why I can barely move my legs and hips…When the anesthesiologist put me under for the surgery…my body became super flexible so when they stuck my normally-not-flexible-at-all-legs up in stirrups for 5 hours, it hyperextended all my muscles and joints so much that now…I barely have control over them. I feel them slowly getting better and as they do, my whole body is much less tense…I don’t have to summon the full power of The Force just to move my legs over 2 inches.

Bottom line – I’m progressing fantastically and jumping nicely over all (most) hurdles. Having my mom here with me is invaluable and all the love and support from all my friends dropping by to say hi, bringing me little treats, holding me in long hugs and making me laugh is keeping me up on my cloud 9. My happy factor is over the moon and I’m all set up to continue heading down the right track!

Thank you so much for all your support!!

Also, if you get a chance to donate to my surgery fundraiser, it would really mean a lot to me, every bit helps!!

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